inWORD Bible App for Android

Get inspired.

Get more out of the Word of God.

Get inWORD Bible.

The inWORD Bible app allows you to read, search, study and listen to the Bible on your mobile device.

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Also available for Microsoft Windows
and iOS/Apple

Android Bible app with Interlinear keyed to Strongs Concordance

inWORD has language tools built in

Gain insights behind the English text.

Greek/Hebrew/English interlinears keyed to Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance.

Bible maps

Interactive Maps

Over 1,700 maps of Biblical geographic sites.

Perform individual searches for cities, regions, bodies of water mentioned in the Bible, or take advantage of inW ORD’s context-based geographic data linked to the Bible text.

Compare Bible translations

Individual verse comparisons

Quickly compare a selected verse against 4 dozen Bible translations!

No additional modules necessary!

See how your selected verse compares against the Greek, the Hebrew and dozens of English versions over the past 600 years.