Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the cost of inWORD? Is it free?

A: inWORD uses a subscription model at $9.95 per year for the Windows (desktop) version. For the mobile versions, the cost is $5.99 per year. Updates are free while a subscription is active.

Q: Do you have a demo/evaluation version that I can use before I make the decision to purchase?

A: From the menu bar at the top of our home page you will find a “Download” menu item. This will allow you to download inWORD for Windows. (Or you may click here.) Once downloaded and installed, you may use the software until you are at the point where you decide to purchase a subscription. Until a subscription has been purchased and activated, you will not be able to print from within the app, or copy text to the Clipboard. These limitations will be removed after you purchase an annual subscription. As far as the mobile versions are concerned, you may freely install inWORD to your phone/tablet and use it without cost. Eventually, however, the mobile versions will begin to reduce certain features if a subscription isn’t purchased after a liberal evaluation period expires.

Q: Does your software (commentaries, articles, etc.) support any specific doctrinal opinion or biblical understanding?

A: inWORD provides a wide array of commentaries, essays, notes and other resources from commentators from various religious backgrounds. These include Bible scholars and content providers who come from both mainstream and minority Christian faiths. But they would also include those who have no religious faith at all. Whether they be Jewish (non-Christian), Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, un-orthodox, or those who fall into none of the above categories, we are open to including any material if the content is Bible-centric.

Q: Is there a particular religious group or Christian denomination that funds inWORD or that is behind this project?

A: inWORD is not funded by any religious denomination, nor is the project supported by any one particular faith group.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.