Bible software for Windows

Introducing inWORD...

What you were just reading/viewing was a sample page from among tens of thousands of articles available with inWORD Bible software. The entire article can be found within inWORD.

Features Available in inWORD:

Speed: Lightning-fast word searches, passage searches and topic searches.
Media-rich: Over 16,000 images, maps, audio files and videos available, all indexed to your Bible searches.
One-of-a-kind content: Thousands of unique Bible articles and commentaries, exclusive to inWORD.
Affordable: Bible software products similar to inWORD can cost hundreds of dollars. In contrast, inWORD is priced reasonably, at a fraction of what similar products cost.
Zero learning curve: An interface so easy to use, so intuitive, that you’ll be up and running and searching like a pro in seconds.

More Features Available...

You can learn more about how you can download a copy of inWORD Bible software by clicking here.